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Alder Place Seasons

Summer, Winter, Spring, of Fall, 

The view from here is great!

The seasons in northeastern Minnesota  are one of the joys to those of  us who call it "home". It all starts as the days stretch and the earth warms in the early days of spring. You will find many preparing their boats and fishing gear for that sacred day, "Fishing Opener"! Then comes summer with it's long lingering days ... it can be exhausting with the sun coming up around 5 a.m. and not setting until after 9 p.m. It makes for early morning fishing trips ... afternoon picnics and boat rides ... and sunset swims ... followed by the best sleep on earth. Then comes the fall with it's beautiful show of colors and long crisp days. And finally, winter ... when everything becomes quiet and peaceful ... and the landscape is softened by the sculpting of snow drifts and glittering ice holding tight to the branches of the glistening trees.


When asked why we live here ... it is often said that the "seasons are the reasons". Each one brings something special to those who live here as well as those who visit. It's hard to imagine living someplace that is the same year round. The beauty and variety of the seasons will give you multiple reasons to return time after time ... and who knows ... there may come a season when you just decide to stay forever!

"Without a doubt, the most reasonably priced place to stay in the Ely area!"

"Great location! Convenient to all the activities that our family had planned. We will definitely be coming back."

"Clean rooms ... a friendly staff ... what more could a person want? Thanks for a great stay!"

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